„Empowerment Women" at different locations of the „Houses of hope"

| 05.02.2019 |
With this project, the Beurer Foundation supports the integration of female refugees who live alone or with their families in the “Houses of hope“ in Leonberg, Esslingen, Bad Liebenzell and Sinsheim.

With the “Houses of hope“, Hoffnungsträger has developed an innovative concept for the integration of refugees. The offer for integrative housing of refugees and locals is embedded in a broad local network of voluntary commitments. It contributes to the fact that new people who have come to Germany quickly become at home and get an independent life.

The Beurer Foundation supports the project ”Empowerment Women" in order to make it easier for the female refugees to arrive in their new homeland and to show them their own personal perspectives. Women with small children find it very difficult to gain access to language support. There are few childcare facilities and long journeys often make participation more difficult. Language is one of the key competences to express self-responsibility and self-determination. Many of the women are also experiencing a massive change in their role in the changed environment.

Therefore, a successful development process requires special support. In addition, individual qualification and labour market integration paths must be developed together with the women and their role in the family must be strengthened. It is often the mothers who enter “new land“ with and for their children.

More information about the „Houses of hope” can be found here: https://hoffnungstraeger. de/was-machen-wir/hoffnungshaeuser/