Computer rooms for the mountain village Judeegaun in Nepal

Nepal | 24.02.2016 |
After the earthquake in Nepal at the end of April 2015, many people were faced with nothing from one day to the next. Isolated villages such as Judeegaun and Chandeni east of the capital were on their own.

As the schools in both villages were also completely destroyed, Cap Anamur took over the reconstruction of these schools after the first aid with medicine and food. Meanwhile in Judeegaun and Chandeni about 700 students can take part in the lessons.
Since the school in Judeegaun was officially appointed a grammar school, further annex measures are necessary. In order to build a much needed computer room, the Beurer Foundation supports the school for the year 2019.

Further information about Cap Anamur can be found here:>>Cap Anamur