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Golden Hearts Ulm: Low-threshold German courses for mothers with a migration background

Ulm | since 2021 | Golden Hearts
The Beurer Foundation wants to help immigrant women and their families find a new home in Ulm and develop their full potential. The key to integration is learning the German language.

That is why the Beurer Foundation offers low-threshold German courses for refugee mothers or mothers with a migrant background, including homework and childcare, at Albrecht Berblinger Elementary School in Ulm. This educational program is based on the concept of GoldenHearts Pforzheim.

In school year 21/22, German courses for mothers take place on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 2.30 p.m. to 4 p.m. The homework and childcare work runs parallel, so that the mothers can learn concentrated. The children are cared for in separate rooms and are supported in their linguistic and social development.

The aim of the project is not to replace existing support measures, but to complement them.
In addition to language teaching, the focus is on social interaction and cultural enrichment.

  • Beurer Stiftung Deutschkurse
  • Niederschwellige Deutschkurse für Mütter
  • Niederschwellige Deutschkurse für Mütter
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